Welcome to 2008.

January 3, 2008 at 9:30 am (BlogCast, Personal Life, Podcast, Updates)

Welcome to the year 2008 everybody… please keep all of your body parts out of the vehicle at all time while the ride is in motion.

Okay, that was lame. Alright, so anyways, what’s up everybody? Have a nice Christmas… holidays… new years, or whatever? I for the most part did… other than the fact than Kmart made me work a crap load of hours and I didn’t get too much time off.

Oh yeah! I didn’t mention… I got a new job… finally! I put in an application to a grocery story right around the corner from my house called “Giant (Food Stores)” and two days later I got a call for an interview! How do ya like that… well, I did. I’m gonna finally be making a decent amount of money, $7.40 an hour instead of $7.25 (and with no raises in sight). At Giant, every 60 days you get an extra $0.20, which is awesome.

Anyways, as I mentioned Version 2.0 of this blog is coming, and I am going to follow through on that promise. I am currently getting everything ready now to get a podcast/blogcast up and running for you guys. I am still debating right now on the frequency of the show, seeing as it is a BlogCast I will be blogging on it as well as podcasting, so I need it to be fairly regular. I’m currently leaning towards every other day, something like Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or something like that then have either Saturday or Sunday have the big show. Not really positive yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

Now, I’m sorry its taking so long to get this podcast up, but I am currently in the process of redoing my sound studio which is where I’ll be recording everything, so everything got a little delayed. I was hoping for my first show to be on January 1, 2008, but that didn’t seem to happen. I know it will be a little late, but I am still going to do a recap on my show about my favorite things from 2o07.

One last thing, I finally made myself a new image for the blog. The old one was getting kinda… well… old. So hope you like it.

SchizoPunkGeek Blog - Profile Pic

Alright, so I think I just about covered everything.

Until then… I’m out.

-Josh Taylor


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