Finally an update! (and some changes)

November 22, 2007 at 12:57 pm (Updates)

I seriously need to keep this thing updated, don’t I? What’s a blog without updated content? I mean seriously…. I don’t think I’m really going to draw anyone’s attention if I don’t keep this thing up to date.

I think one problem that I am having is that I am trying to hard to avoid talking about myself and what’s going on in my life. I have the feeling that no one really cares, when really, I bet you guys would at least be semi-interested. After all, I did have my life streaming on for a while last summer, which I plan to start doing again shortly by the way, and people seemed to be interested in watching that.

What’s you guys’ opinions? Should what kind of content interests you? Leave me a comment… I need to hear from you. I never seem to get any comments ever, which, frankly, sucks. Here I am trying to reach out to you guys and get you guys involved and I’m not getting anything back.

Yeah, I’ve heard it all before… “I’m not a leaving comments kind of person… I just read it…” Don’t be that guy. C’mon! Even if its just telling me you enjoyed the segment, that’s all I want to hear. Give a man a little encouragement. Just a little couldn’t hurt… could it?

I have one last thing I wanna get in motion with this blog, something I’ve been considering to make it a little more interesting. I’m thinking of having some segments, like some weekly kind of things. Not exactly sure how to explain it, but here are some topics I’m thinking of (names may vary)…

Sunday – Recommend a Website

Monday – Inform the public about something geeky I know, but they don’t

Tuesday – Music Pick

Wednesday – Hardware Pick of the Week

Thursday – Tech Topic

Friday – Whatever I want day (Pick anything… its Friday!)

Saturday – Recommend a Program

I still gotta think about everything, but everyday I wanna have something special planned out or something. Hopefully that would give everyone something to look forward to. I hope to get this started next week (starting this Monday, November 26, 2007).

Okay well, that should do it for me. Once again, I really wanna see a dramatic increase in the amount of comments I get this time. C’mon, I know you can do this!

Until then… I’m out!

-Josh Taylor



  1. Ryan said,

    I like the idea of a daily update. I think you gotta promote your blog in a bunch of places too. Reel in the readers.

  2. Carv! said,

    About people not caring…you have to make them care. Make it interesting. Even if your day was incredibly boring, you can make it seem interesting by the way you write it.

    People don’t read novels because they care about the characters; they want to be entertained by the characters’ stories. Same deal here.

    And like Ryan said, promote. Although I see he just helped you out a lot.

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