…and we’re back! Miss me?

November 13, 2007 at 9:05 pm (Personal Life)

Hey! It’s me! YEah… the guy you thought you managed to get rid of forever… but nope… I’m here, alive and kicking. Did you feel that? Yeah, that was me kicking you. I told you I was kicking, didn’t I?

I guess I should just cut to the chase about why I pretty much just dropped off the face of the earth, so here it goes.

Well, as of pretty much mid-august or so, I’ve been experiencing very severe migraines that would not go away at all. I’ve been emitted to the hospital twice and it only helped a little.

Long story short… I’m fine now, but I pretty much stopped posting because of being all depressed over the whole situation and feeling like I was never going to get better (it feels that way when you have a migraine non-stop since August).

An update on my situation now, I am finally back in school as of Monday, November 12, 2007 with a modified schedule, this week going every other day until 9:35am… all part of the process of easing my way back into everything.

I am also back to work again as a cashier at Kmart working the minimum 3 hour shifts until I get the hang of everything again. Everything is looking good again.

I am just glad that I’m not having to be cooped up in my house all day anymore. It gets pretty freakin’ boring after awhile.

So yep. There’s the reason why I pretty much fell off the face of the earth for a bit, but I am back and better than ever! Expect a lot more posting now!

Until then… you guessed it… I’m out.

-Josh Taylor


1 Comment

  1. Ryan said,

    Good to hear you’re better now dude. I’ve been hoping you’d get better since you told me when this started.

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